Joyroom JR-T012 Dual USB 10000mAh Power Bank

Joyroom JR-T012 Dual USB 10000mAh Power Bank

The Joyroom JR-T012Power Bank stands as the ultimate solution for mobile charging, offering users an unparalleled experience in powering their devices on the go. This sleek, 10,000mAh lithium battery powerhouse boasts a stylish design and LED display for easy monitoring. With rapid charging capabilities, it keeps your devices fueled up on the move. Featuring multiple USB ports, including Type-A, Type-C, and micro-USB, it offers versatility for all your charging needs. Built with high-quality ABS and plastic, it ensures durability wherever you go. Plus, with multiple current protection, your devices stay safe from over voltage and over current. Embrace mobility and never miss a beat with the Joyroom JR-T012  Dual USB Power Bank."

Joyroom JR T012 10000mAh Power Bank BD Price

 Joyroom JR-T012 Dual USB 10000mAh Power Bank

The Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank appears to be a versatile and convenient charging solution for mobile devices. Let's break down its key features and advantages:
  • Compact and Stylish Design: The slim and stylish design makes it easy to carry around, fitting conveniently into bags or pockets.
  • High Capacity Lithium Battery: With a capacity of 10,000mAh, it offers ample energy storage to charge your devices multiple times on the go.
  • Clear LED Display: The LED display provides clear information about the charge status and remaining battery power, allowing users to monitor the power bank's status at a glance.
  • Fast Charging Capability: It offers fast charging, ensuring quick and efficient charging for your devices, which is particularly beneficial for busy individuals who need to recharge their devices quickly.
  • Multiple USB Ports: The power bank features four types of USB ports, including two USB Type-A ports for charging devices and one each of Type-C and micro-USB ports for charging the power bank itself, offering versatility in charging options.
  • High-Quality Construction: The body of the power bank is made of high-quality ABS and plastic, ensuring durability and reliability in daily use.
  • Multiple Current Protection: The inclusion of multiple current protection ensures that your devices are safeguarded against overvoltage and overcurrent, providing added security during charging.
Overall, the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank seems to be an excellent choice for individuals looking for a reliable, convenient, and efficient charging solution for their mobile devices, especially suited for those with busy lifestyles.
Joyroom JR T012 Dual USB 10000mAh Power Bank

Full Specification of  Joyroom JR-T012 Dual USB 10000mAh Power Bank

Brand Name Joyroom
Model Name Joyroom JR-T012
Battery Display
LED Digital Display
Battery Capacity
Input Ports
Micro USB, USB Type-C
Output 2x DC 5V/2.1A
143mm x 71mm x 16.2mm
Color Black and White
High-quality ABS and plastic
Origin/Made-In/Assembly Origin From China
Guarantee Period None
Warranty Period 7 Days Replacement Warranty
Global Price (USD)
$15 (USD)
Actual Value (BDT)
1590 (BDT) Product prices are variable
Update Price For
Whatsapp : 01626-584340

HighLight Key-Points of Joyroom JR-T012 10000mAh Power Bank

 ðŸ‘‰ What is the capacity of the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank?
Answer: 10,000mAh.
👉 How many USB Type-A ports does the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank have for charging devices
Answer: 2 USB Type-A ports.
👉 What types of USB ports are available on the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank?
Answer: It has two USB Type-A ports, one Type-C port, and one micro-USB port.
👉 What is the purpose of the LED display on the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank?
Answer: The LED display shows the charge status and remaining battery power.
👉 What material is the body of the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank made of?
Answer: High-quality ABS and plastic.
👉 How does the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank provide protection to connected devices?
Answer: It utilizes multiple current protection to safeguard against over-voltage and over-current.
👉How many ports are used for charging devices, and how many for charging the power bank itself
Answer: Two ports are used for charging devices (2* USB-A), while the other two ports (Type-C, micro USB) are for charging the power bank.
👉 What type of battery does the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank use?
Answer: Lithium battery.
👉 What feature makes charging devices with the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank convenient for busy individuals?
Answer: It offers fast charging capability.
👉 In what scenario can the Joyroom JR-T012 Power Bank be an ideal choice
Answer: It can be a great choice for busy people due to its easy charging capacity and portability.

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