Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch Price In Bangladesh

Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch Price In Bangladesh

Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch Price In BD. Nowadays smartwatch is used as a symbol of taste and a necessary gadget. Everyone from young to old are now using smartwatch for urgent notifications, receiving calls quickly, viewing instant messages. Smart watches with some modern features include fitness trackers, calling systems, GPS tracking, and other updated technologies. In terms of fashion, Smartwatches are very practical and bring out beauty. If it's a smartwatch like the Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch model, then fashion has been given a new touch. Because this model smart watch has 7 different straps. Along with that, there are various necessary update features. Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch is a fashionable smartwatch with an eye-catching design and color combination.

Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch

Keqiwear WS-X9 Ultra Waterproof 7 in1 Smart Watch

The Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Waterproof 7 in1 Smartwatch is now available now. The WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch is a good option for those looking for a basic smartwatch with a variety of health tracking features. It is also a good value for the price. It has 7 different styles and color straps. The Kekiwear WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch, with its sleek and contemporary design, not only keeps you connected but also adds a touch of class to your wrist. Its bright display ensures you never miss a beat even when you're on the road by displaying notifications, messages and calls. This smartwatch is available in three different colors Black, Rose Gold and Silver.

Setting up any kind of smartphone smartwatch is very easy.As a smartphone companion gadget, there are some special benefits that come with the use of smartwatches. As a basic smartwatch, you get the convenience of having almost all the features you need. Finally, the quality within the budget is a smartwatch (Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch) that can be recommended for use. Let's know the detailed information about the Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch.

Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch Specification

Full Specification of  Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smart Watch 

Brand Name Keqiwear
Model Name Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra
Latest Model Smart Watch
Processor Type Main: Hs6621PG
Display Size: 2.09 inch
Display Type: Round Screen TFT,
Resolution: 385 x 295 pixel
Screen Protection: Tempered Glass
Bluetooth 5.2 or above
Operating System Support
Android 5.0, iOS 9.0 or above
Sensor HR sensor: Yes
Waterproof level Yes Waterproof (IP67)
Supported Apps
WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp, Instagram
Special Feature
  • Step, distance, calorie tracking
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen monitoring
  • Bluetooth call and music
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Call reminder
  • SMS alerts
  • Social app message reminders
  • Alarm clock reminders
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Sports tracking (including jump, running, football, basketball, badminton, mountaineering, etc.)
  • Wrist gesture to activate screen
  • Find my bracelet and phone
  • Remote photography
  • Call rejection
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Supported Social Apps for Message Reminders:
Battery Type Battery Capacity: 200 mAh
Charging Time: About 2.1 hours
Charging Type: Wireless charging
Battery Backup Time (Mini) Standby Time: Up to 20 days
Using time: About 2 days
Body Materials Body: Stainless Steel
Strap: Durable Silicone
Body Color Black, Rose Gold, Silver
Wight (Kg) Body: about 120g
Strap: about 20g
Origin/Made-In/Assembly Origin From China ।। Assembly China
Guarantee Period No Guarantee
Warranty Period No Warranty
Global Price (USD)
$15 (USD)
Actual Value (BDT)
1,750 (BDT) Product prices are variable
Update Price For
Whatsapp : 01626-584340

Keqiwear WS X9 Ultra Smart Watch Specification

 HighLight Key-Points of Keqiwear WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch

👉 What are the supported sport modes on Keqiwear WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch?
Answer: Keqiwear WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch supports maximum type of modes, allowing you to track various physical activities like running, cycling, swimming, and many more.
👉 Does this smartphone have an emergency call system?
Answer : This WS-X9 Ultra model smartwatch has various notification features including calling facility.
👉 What is the display size and type of the WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch?
Answer: WS-X9 Ultra smartwatch features a 2.09-inch round screen TFT display with a resolution of 385x295 pixels, protected by tempered glass.
 👉 Does the WS-X9 Ultra smartwatch have a heart rate sensor?
Answer: Yes, the smartwatch is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor (HR sensor) to monitor your heart rate. It is able to provide accurate information up to 90%.
👉 What operating system does the Keqiwear WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch support?
Answer: The smartwatch is compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0 or above.
👉 How long does it take to fully charge the WS-X9 smartwatch?
Answer: The smartwatch takes about 2 (±) hours to fully charge using the wireless charging method. 
👉 What will be included in the package of this WS-X9 Ultra smartwatch? 
Answer : Package included
  • 1x WS X9 Ultra Smartwatch
  • 1x Wireless Charger
  • 1X 7 Pair Belt
  • 1X Watch Cover
  • 1x User Guide
  • An attractive pack box
👉 How many colors of Keqiwear WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch available? 
Answer : Black, Rose Gold and Silver colors is avilable now.
👉 What will be the main attraction of the Keqiwear WS-X9 Ultra smartwatch
Answer : WS-X9 Ultra Smartwatch with 7 different types and colors of straps and attractive design along with all the updated features you need including waterproof.
 👉 What are the body and strap materials used in the WS-X9 Ultra smartwatch?
Answer: The body of the WS-X9 Ultra smartwatch is made of  Stainless Steel & termpred glass, and also the strap is made of  durable silicone.

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